Our Story

Our name, Digital Magics, derives from a quote by Arthur C. Clarke:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

In 2021 we announced our new growth plan cn which we have set our goals for the coming years:

€100 million of Portfolio target value by 2025

200 equity holdings with investments of over €10 million.

The expansion of the portfolio will done through the acceleration programs which will focus on high potential sectors with the aim to launch between 20 and 25 programs, with the existing model involving Co-Investors, Corporate Partners and Tech Partners.

Since 2003, the year in which the company was founded by Enrico Gasperini, Alberto Fioravanti, Gabriele Ronchini and Bibop Gresta, we believe that the best ideas come from working together. In 2008 we launched our incubator and accelerator for innovative startups and scaleups offering a high level of content and services for value creation.

We are entrepreneurs, we are professionals, we are creative, we are innovators and together we have an extraordinary experience in building successful companies based on innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

We don’t believe in crystal balls, but know that the only certainty about the future is that there will be constant change. Our Goal is to continuously identify opportunities, trends, solve challenges and guide companies, giving them additional value.


Best IPO Innovative Project 2014
Incubatore di startup innovative (Decreto crescita 2.0) Certificazione 2013
MobileMonday Italy Peer Award (Btoc Innovation) 2006

As Digital Magics we are startup builders. We like to build innovative companies together with talents and young entrepreneurs, identifying ideas and transforming them into successful businesses
Enrico Gasperini

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